Here at Club 4 Kids Childcare we received our last Ofsted inspection in August 2019. From this inspection we were graded as an OUTSTANDING setting. 

Our inspection report can be viewed online at  and our registration number is 127117

Here are just a few quotes from our latest report....

"The manager is an exceptional leader who inspires and supports staff to ensure that children receive education and care of the very highest standards"
"Staff use rigorous assessments to accurately monitor the rapid progress children make. The support given to children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is exceptional, including strong partnership working with other agencies involved"
"Staff have an extremely sharp focus on helping all children acquire and extend their communication and language skills"
"Children develop a fundamental love of learning. Staff use every opportunity to extend and support all children`s learning and engage them in a wealth of activities both indoors and outside" 
"Children`s behaviour is superb. They are kind and courteous as well as friendly and confident. Children rise to challenges and are very proud to share their many achievements with others"
"Arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff are very vigilant and successfully deployed to assure children`s constant safety and supervision"
"Children`s learning needs and interests are always at the forefront of staff minds when planning the wealth of activities"
"Staff are excellent at adapting their interactions for different ages and abilities. For example, they support babies to balance and coordinate on the climbing frame and encourage toddlers to recall numbers as they climb the steps, extending their skills each time"
"Staff teach children exceptionally well about healthy living and how to be a responsible citizen. Children relish in opportunities to help the local community, such as trips to the beach to clear litter" 
"Children are very articulate and confident. They have high levels of self-esteem and many say they love being at the nursery. This lays a fantastic foundation to support their future learning as they move on to school. All children, including those with SEND, make outstanding progress"


Our previous Ofsted inspection at Club 4 Kids Childcare was in March 2013. From this inspection we were graded as an OUTSTANDING setting. 

Our inspection report can be viewed online at  and our registration number is 127117

Here are just a few quotes from our 2013 report....

There is a strong emphasis on supporting children's communication skills in the nursery. Adults' excellent implementation of the 'Every Child's a Talker' programme, and consistent use of signing, results in very confident talkers.
The extremely well qualified staff team consistently build on their skills and knowledge by attending relevant training, and sharing information gained with their colleagues. This results in professional and informed staff who are committed to proving an excellent service.
Adults are great role models, setting very good examples of enjoying play and learning, motivating children extremely well, picking up on their interests, and extending their play.
Staffs' skilful identification of children's enthusiasms, and their expert ability to extend activities, results in children very much enjoying play experiences across all areas of learning.
Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities make great progress from their starting points. This is because staff liaise with other professionals and act on their advice, work very well in partnership with parents.
Parents' comments demonstrate their great satisfaction in the progress their children make, and many comment on the individual ways in which the nursery has significantly increased children's confidence and communication skills.
When babies move from their unit 'up' to the main playroom, their feelings of security are a priority. They first visit for short periods with their key person, and spend time establishing a positive relationship with their new key person. Therefore, when they are ready to make the move, they are settled, confident and ready for the next stages in their learning.
Children's ability to keep themselves safe is excellent. Having been shown how to use tools safely, they use real screwdrivers with care to undo screws. During an activity about eating healthily, they use knives and peelers to chop vegetables.
The older children chose resources and take activities into the fresh air, into the exciting outdoor area, and especially love digging and exploring the sand area. Indoor daily music and movement sessions further promote their understanding of the importance of exercise.