Children in Need 2020

11/01/2021 15:13

Children in Need 2020 saw a different kind of fundraising from us this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions and social distancing put in place we had to alter how we were to fundraise but were determined not to let it affect our efforts. Rather than hold our annual cake sale in our front garden of our nursery premises our cake sale went online with pictures of the products being posted on our social media page for people to order and send in the money or pay online. Each post did not last long as they were selling out within minutes of being posted online! Whilst some local businesses understandably were not able to donate prizes for our raffle due to the affects of the pandemic, others were and parents were amazing at contributing with donations too. We managed to raffle 160 prizes, fantastic! With all our children, staff, parents, carers, and extended families supporting us this year we were able to raise an amazing